A tiny demo showcasing the basic mechanic of a black mage in FFXIV. The one known issue is the cooldown showcasing is not very functional. Theres also no effects or anything. Thanks for trying it out!


Umbral Ice - After using an ice spell you switch into Umbral Ice. While under the effect of Umbral Ice, your mana regen increases tremendously for each stack. Your ice spells also cost less and using a fire spell will switch you into Neutral.
Astral Fire - After using a fire spell you switch into Astral Fire. While under the effect of Astral Fire, your mana regen is halted and your fire spells cost twice as much but your damage amps up for each stack. Casting an ice spell will switch you into Neutral.
Transpose - Transpose switches any number of Umbral Ice or Astral Fire stacks for one stack of the other. Note that transposing in Neutral has no effect
Example: Transposing Umbral Ice at any stacks would give you one stack of Astral Fire.


WASD - Move around

Arrow keys - Move camera

Mouse click - Select a target

Numbers - Skill activation

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